Saturday, January 25, 2020

Praying Grandmother & Granddaughter Duo

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Prophet Annette J-Franklin & Praying Zion
Praying Grandmother & Granddaughter Duo

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May ~ Mayday

Rereleasing a word of the Lord from a couple of years ago for "This Month of May".
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Friday, April 19, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Cloud of Fire

I made it a gazingstock; contended by fire, devouring a part.
A wall of fire full of glory in the midst of it.
My presence and glory the church shall desire and seek above all else.
The exiled shall return.
A call to flee from idolatry, immorality, wickedness, occult practices, and sinful ways.
I shall refine and purify; purge you in righteousness.
My judgement will be upon the sorcerers, and upon the adulterers, upon false swearers; against those that oppress hirelings in their wages, the fatherless, the widow and those who turned aside the poor.
For, I am the Lord thy God, who is the same; I change not.
When you return unto Me; I will return unto you.
Remember vengeance belong unto Me; I will recompense all.
Foundations that were built upon Me shall stand after the refining fire.
All shall enter therein, seeking I in the midst, I shall deliver thee as you enter therein.
You shall break forth into prayer and praise.
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; for he who win souls is wise.
I shall keep in perfect peace the remanant who remain steadfast and faithful: Peace; who mind is stayed on Me.
Every knee shall bow unto Me, and every tongue shall confess that I am the Lord Thy God.
You've been seeking sinful pleasures of the world, taking part in religious hypocrisy.
You have become complacent about your sins; living as though My judgement will never come.
Too comfortable in your worldly lifestyle, no longer hungering for Me; totally forsaking Me.
You should be praying over nations from their doom and gloom. Eliminating your part in the doom.
Humble yourselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from your wicked ways, so I can hear from heaven, and forgive your sins and heal your lands.
Giant edifices are not I, remember all giants shall fall!

Prophet Annette Jordan-Franklin

Saturday, March 2, 2019

March Treasures - March Forward

March Treasures - March Forward

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             "March Treasures"
      March Forward This March……
March as a soldier in the army of the Lord this March.
March in formation with God this March.
March into your purpose this March.
March into progress this March.
March into advancement this March.
March beyond the border of your mind; out your comfort zone this March.
March out the limits you place yourself in and God in this March.
March into the knowledge of God this March.
March into the mind of God this March.
March out the wilderness this March.
March in prosperity this March.                                                                                                                                                
March into that region God’s been showing you or calling you to this March.
Traverse this March.
Be bold in prayer this March.
Pray more in the spirit this March.
Praise & worship God this March.
Go ahead and proceed this March, keep going; not giving up this March.
You have much ground to cover this March.
Oh, there is a rhythm in this March; a strong movement and sound of God this March.
Can you hear or feel the rhythm of God this March?
It’s harmonious, sweet sounding this March; harmonious in colors and the elements of God this March.
Yes, the pattern of God this March.
Oh, yes, it’s suitable for you this March.
God’s getting rid of that sympathetic problem of your mind this March.
He’s showing approval and favor towards your ideas and actions this March.
You will have great support this March.
You’ll have great leeway this March; that’s right! Freedom to move, to make decisions you never made until this March.
The time, space, room flexibility, self-determination and independence this March.
Liberty of the mind, body and soul this March.
Advancement in the Kingdom of God this March.
Marching into righteousness of God this March.
You better pick up the pace in this March.
Oh, it’s March; the month you’ll want to be in unity with God this March.
As the 3rd month of this year, the trinity is working with you and in you this March.
That’s right; the Father, Word & Holy Spirit this March and every March.
So, align yourselves and arm yourselves with God’s Word this March.
Because, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, as He still is the Word this March and every March.
Receive your healing this March; know that victory is yours this March.
So, receive the treasures of heaven this March and Glorify God in this Holy March!
True repentance this March.
Many will receive the Holy Spirit in their heart this March. Life only in the Son this March.
Baptism this March.
Your source of Love this March.
Salvation is theirs this March.
Faith to overcome the world this March.
Oh, how I love March, marching for God’s name sake this March; receiving His treasures for everlasting life this March.
The Spirit of the Lord is upon you this March.
Prophesy this March.
Destiny awaits this March!
Sincerely, God’s Servant This March!
Prophetess Annette Jordan-Franklin

March Treasures are Yes & Amen! Oh What Promises!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reality Check One

Your words are powerful enough to create your reality….
Once your words are spoken and becomes your belief, the manifestation shall follow.
You must choose your words wisely to craft your story and begin to "DO" with power and authority.
Speak from your heart, it's the truth coming back to you;
echoing every spoken word, you ever said or heard, that shall guide you.
Having dominion over your choices, and listening to the right voices, that will be a part of your courses.
Yet there's one VOICE you must obey when making your choices and put ahead of all other voices.
The VOICE you shall repeat throughout your courses:
GOD's voice for the here and after, the beginning and ending of every chapter.

The REALITY who died for you: JESUS, who started your LIFE chapter...there is a happily ever after... when His Reality for your life is CAPTURED! ️

                                              Prophetess Annette J Franklin

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